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Every night during Thanksgiving week has high chances of DUI

Thanksgiving remains one of the most dangerous times for any driver to be out on the road. All drivers have a high risk of receiving damages from a negligent motorist around this time no matter if they are traveling to a relative’s house, making a delivery or simply taking their commute home.

Out of all the causes of crashes during this holiday week, drunk driving has consistently been one of the top causes every year. South Carolina already has a bad reputation when it comes to our DUI death rate, so residents need to take extra precaution in case they plan on taking their vehicle on the road at any point during their days off.

Blackout Wednesday

Several people use the term “Blackout Wednesday” to describe the night before Thanksgiving. Most workers will have Thursday off, so many take advantage of it by staying up late at night and having a couple of drinks at home or at the bar. Unfortunately, Wednesday night is also one of the heaviest traffic days of the month with how many people are traveling on the road that day. Some of the most common victims of DUI at this time include relatives that are out of the state or city and college students returning home from campus.

Thanksgiving Thursday

While many are in their homes preparing their feasts at this time, there are still thousands traveling the highways to reach their destination. While the bars are not as popular around this time, many residents can still drink irresponsibly during Thanksgiving dinner or while watching the football game. Though some are lucky enough to have the next day off, plenty of workers are not and must drive home later that night. Drunk drivers have the potential to hit not just them, but also to the residents going to cities like North Charleston to get early Black Friday deals.

Black Friday and beyond

While most of the Black Friday festivities happen either the night prior or early in the day, it is still a Friday. The chances of getting into a DUI crash on the weekend are nearly doubled compared to the weekdays. While Blackout Wednesday and Thanksgiving Thursday have more than enough potential to rival or surpass the amount of deaths in the following weekend, it does not diminish the amount of danger most drivers experience driving late at night on a Friday or Saturday. There are still a number of workers that have Black Friday off, so there will still be more road activity than usual during the last three days of the holiday week.

You and your family deserve a pleasant holiday spending time with each other around a dinner table instead of an accident scene. If a drunk driver ruined your Thanksgiving plans and injured your or a loved one, a personal injury attorney can help you seek the coverage you deserve for going through such a terrible ordeal.

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