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Parents still get distracted with kids in the car

You have certainly seen those "Baby on Board" signs that people put on their cars. The implication is that other people should drive more safely around the car because they know that there is a child inside, and they don't want to injure the child.

That makes you think that parents, when driving with kids in the car, would set a perfect example as flawless, safe drivers. Unfortunately, that's not true.

For instance, the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) did a study to see if parents would use their phones when they had their kids in the car. Cellphones are the most common distraction for most drivers. What they found was that one out of seven parents would actually get on social media sites as they drove. On top of that, a stunning one out of every three parents would check their text messages.

Reversing the roles

It is clear from this study that just having the kids in the car is not enough to force parents to drive safely. This also causes issues for teen drivers. Parents should set a good example, but will a teen listen when told not to text and drive if he or she watches their parents text and drive? Almost certainly, the answer is no.

However, some experts have decided to reverse the roles. They're trying to get teens to go to their parents and ask them to put the phone away. After all, it's for their safety. If kids speak up, maybe then parents will take distractions seriously.

"By making children and teens the catalysts for change, Honda's distracted driving campaign takes a nontraditional approach in parent-child dynamics to capture true human emotion and encourage safer driving," said a spokesperson for Honda, one of the companies backing the campaign. "For the past six years, we have used our social media platforms to promote safer driving during National Distracted Driving Awareness month, and we hope having the text talk will inspire a crucial conversation between teens and parents beyond the month of April."

Kids as distractions

It is worth noting that kids themselves can become a major source of distraction for parents when they drive. This is especially true when the kids are young and they need help getting snacks, drinks, toys, movies, books and much more. A crying child in the back seat is a distraction in and of itself, but so is trying to get the child to stop crying.

Your injuries

Have you been hit and injured by a distracted parent? If so, it is crucial that you know how to seek compensation for medical bills and other costs.

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