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Many people find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Whether it's drinking and driving, trespassing, using someone else's credit card or stealing, criminal actions have an impact. If you've been arrested, then you know that you could face harsh penalties for what you've done, even if you are truly apologetic.

Your criminal defense attorney's job is to help you maintain dignity and to be respected throughout the legal process. Your attorney will do a few things including:

  • Making sure you are treated fairly
  • Reducing the likelihood of bias affecting your case
  • Teaching you about the trial process and how your case may be handled
  • Providing a professional opinion on the possibility of reduced penalties or plea deals
  • Educating you on how to present yourself to the court and other parties involved in the case

Your attorney is there to give you the support you need in court, but they are also there to give you a fighting chance at reducing or eliminating the penalties against you.

When should you reach out to a criminal defense attorney?

You should reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. Even if you're only part of an investigation, it's helpful to have your attorney on board. That way, you know who to call if you are arrested or if the police arrive at your door. This helps protect your rights and liberties, giving you someone to contact who has your best interests at heart.

Our site has more on criminal defenses and what you can do if you've been accused of a crime.

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