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What happens if your employer argues against your claim?

Workers' compensation is something that should not even be a question in cases of injury on the job. It's ridiculous to think that some hardworking individuals would have to fight with their employers or their workers' compensation insurance companies to get the benefits they so rightly deserve.

When you're hurt at work, workers' compensation is meant to be there to help you through a difficult time. It covers medical costs and helps you regain some of your lost wages. It can be used to help you retrain for a new position, too. If someone dies at work, workers' compensation even provides death benefits.

Sadly, workers' compensation sometimes denies individuals when they should be receiving benefits without a doubt. In those cases, it is very important for them to reach out to someone skilled in law so that they can appeal the decision and fight for the benefits they deserve. There's no reason that a worker who gets hurt at work shouldn't be able to make a claim, especially if they have filed shortly after the accident and spoken with their employer soon after.

What should you do if your employer is arguing against your claim?

In the majority of cases, the truth will win out, but you may need to provide significant evidence that your injury occurred on the job and is related to your normal course of work. You will also want to provide medical documents to show the severity of your injuries.

Employers can argue against your claim, but the truth is that you can still make a claim within two years of your injury and have it approved without their agreement. Remember to always report your injury to your employer within 90 days to protect yourself, even if you don't start a claim right away. Your attorney can help, so you can get the benefits you deserve.

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