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Unusual weather can impact drivers in southern states

Auto accidents change lives in an instant. As a result, people who had plans for their future might find they no longer have the options they once did. For example, a person who suffers a serious blow to the head might have a traumatic brain injury that affects their speech and coordination. Depending on the severity of the injury, they may never fully regain those abilities, hindering their ability to work, go to school or enjoy their life.

Bus and car collide on US-123, 4 injured

One of the scariest things to hear about is a bus getting into an accident. Buses are large, so the likelihood is that the smaller vehicle will be the one to suffer the most damage. People in the bus, as well as in the vehicle that was struck, could end up with injuries as a result of the driver's mistake.

In a North Charleston car accident? Don't make these mistakes

Car accident victims have a lot on their mind following a crash. The events following an accident can be so stressful that you might make some honest mistakes while waiting for emergency personnel to arrive. Today, we will provide you with a list of things you should never do after a car accident so any claim you wish to file is not jeopardized.

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